Wednesday, 24 August 2016

3D BabyVision/ 3D Ultrasound Clinics in Mississauga and Oakville are now participating in a study for the University of Toronto!


We have an exciting study for you to participate in!

University of Toronto researchers are currently recruiting over 5000 new mothers AND fathers across Canada to participate in an innovative and exciting new study. We would like to learn more about the feelings, stresses, and parenting activities that both new mothers and fathers experience together and how we can best support the WHOLE family within the first two years of their baby’s life. Study participation involves the completion of questionnaires online or by telephone. Each questionnaire will take about 1 hour to complete, depending on your answers to questions. As a couple, you may receive up to $230 in gift cards for completing questionnaires.

What is involved?

Study participation involves a 5-minute screening interview to determine whether or not you and your partner are eligible to participate. If you are eligible, you both will be asked 30 minutes worth of additional questions. When your baby is 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 months old, you and your partner will be emailed separately a link to an online questionnaire to complete. You both will be asked questions about how you are feeling, your parenting experiences, your baby’s development, and health services you may be using. Follow-up questionnaires can also be completed if necessary by telephone with a research assistant based on your availability.

How will this study help future parents and their babies?

Sharing your experiences as parents in the first two years of your child’s life will help us to assist families in the future who experience similar challenges, thoughts, and feelings. We are hoping to improve the quality of the care and services we provide to the WHOLE family. Upon study completion, you may request a report of the findings.

As a Thank You…

You and your partner will each receive a $15 gift card for every completed questionnaire ($90/person or $180/couple). If you and your partner complete all questionnaires, your family will receive an additional $50 gift card (up to $230/family) at the end of your study participation. You may select gift cards from a variety of choice vendors.

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