Saturday, 25 June 2016

3D Baby Vision Milton Specials!!!!

3D BabyVision utilizes state of the art equipment from GE to bring images of your unborn baby to life. Our fully certified, knowledgeable, and experienced staff welcomes you into a family friendly state of the art facility specializing in capturing your Baby's first moments.

You will be able to see and capture the movements of your unborn baby inside the womb. Yawns, smiles, thumb sucking and waving can be seen with clarity and precision that is difficult or impossible to achieve with 2D scanning. 3D BabyVision and our 3D/4D packages will let you see your baby in a way you never dreamed possible. From a  smile, to a yawn, to crossed legs and hands, you can now put a face to the name sooner than ever before!


Take advantage of our WEEKDAY SPECIALS:


$125 for our 3D Ultrasound Package! (TUESDAYS)


$75 for our 3D Gender Assessment Package! (THURSDAYS)


Visit  our website: or give us a call at (905) 337-9555


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